Conspiracy to saffronize... election results will show people rising against fascism- Stalin

They applied ocher to Valluvar, who gave the world a secret; stalin criticized tamil Nadu personalities who insulted them by pouring saffron paint on their statues and now Doordarshan has also changed its color.

Doordarshan in saffron

India's state television broadcaster Doordarshan has changed its logo from blue to saffron. Various parties in the country are protesting against this. Many people have raised their voices against this as an attempt to saffronize the bjp government. The founder of Doordarshan has mentioned this as “their new avatar..”In this regard, in the social media post published by chief minister stalin, Valluvar, who gave the world a secret, was smeared with ocher; Saffron paint was poured on statues of personalities of tamil Nadu and insulted; They Sanskritized the pure tamil name of Radio as Akashavani; They also removed the beautiful tamil word Pothikai;

The election results will tell

Now Doordarshan has hit the saffron mark too! As we said during the election campaign, these are just previews of BJP's plan to saffronize everything. The results of the 2024 elections will show that the people of india are rising against this monolithic fascism! stalin said. Similarly, West bengal chief minister mamata banerjee said that in an environment where people are focusing on the election, how can the election commission allow such cruel saffronization and violation of the election code of conduct? He has questioned.

Action by the election Commission

So the election commission should stop this immediately. mamata banerjee has posted her protest on her X site page demanding that the color change be reversed and the Doordarshan logo should be changed to its old color.

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