Woman beaten to death for not grafting? Let stalin first protect tamil Nadu from DMK- Annamalai

Annamalai said that chief minister stalin, who is dreaming of saving India, should first look at the work of saving the people of tamil Nadu from his party members.

Woman beaten to death

The parliamentary elections were held the day before yesterday and ended. Meanwhile, a woman was beaten to death in Cuddalore on the day of polling. In a statement issued by bjp state president annamalai regarding this incident, the news that Mrs. Gomathi from Pakirimaniyam village near Srimushnam in Cuddalore district was beaten to death by DMK members in front of her family on the day of vote registration is very shocking. There have been reports in the media that the DMK did this adverse act because they did not vote for their alliance in the election.

Stalin's dream was to save India

It is not known that the DMK government has yet arrested the DMK members involved in this crime. DMK's dictatorial tendency to do away with even the basic right of voting given to the citizens by the Constitution is very dangerous for democracy. chief minister stalin, who dreams of saving India, must first look at the task of saving the people of tamil Nadu from his party members. annamalai has said that they insist that those involved in this crime should be arrested immediately and strict action should be taken

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