Jana Sena chief pawan kalyan has been facing many kinds of insults and troubles ever since he launched his party. Especially the leaders of the janasena party, even the activists, have been scolding Pawan Kalyan. Venkata Mahesh, who has been the janasena leader for the past few years, has been around for many years. But recently due to some reasons janasena leader pawan kalyan made many sensational comments and joined the ycp party. With this, Mahesh pawan kalyan from the ycp party is also being severely criticized.

Mahesh became a target by janasena activists on social media every time he lashed out at pawan kalyan in the media.. but this time Mahesh made a fresh criticism of pawan kalyan by addressing the leaders who are leaving the janasena party together. Pawan Kalyan's posting from his twitter saying, "Look at him entering the assembly, has now become a hot topic".

Although he wanted to contest from vijayawada West, which Mahesh had previously lost from the Jana Sena party, he did not get a seat from the Jana Sena party as part of the alliance. Due to this, Mahesh entered the YSRCP party. Since then pawan kalyan is being highlighted by criticizing one or the other. Due to this, Jana Sena leaders and activists have also expressed their anger on Mahesh, tweeting on social media to turn everyone's heads, Jana Sena leaders are also making the activists hold their heads. In that regard, the tweet is also becoming viral.

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