Mylavaram Constituency of krishna district of andhra pradesh State has become very interesting. There is a power struggle between tdp leaders. The fight between Vasantha krishna Prasad vs devineni uma is running rampant throughout Mylavaram. Keeping aside the issue of victory, the battle for supremacy between these two leaders is increasing. An interesting incident took place in one such mylavaram constituency. Let's see what it is. mylavaram tdp ticket allotted to sitting mla Vasantha krishna Prasad. krishna Prasad contested last election from ycp and won. As he recently joined the tdp, Chandrababu handed over the ticket to him. devineni uma, who has been leading the tdp for some time, did not get a ticket and there was a huge clash between Vasantha Devineni.

  In the constituency where tdp Hawa is running, Chandrababu realized that there is a possibility of losing the seat due to the power struggle between the two and reconciled between the two. They called both of them and told them to get together. With this, two sworn enemies joined hands in front of bigg boss and jumped into the election ring. There was jubilation in the ranks of tdp as both of them came together. They express happiness that the victory will be TDP's war on one side. But don't feel bad that Chandrababu devineni called Uma and you didn't get the ticket. He promised to do justice to you in some way when he came to power. With this, devineni uma and Vasantha krishna Prasad joined hands at Umamaheswara Rao's office in Gollapudi on sunday night.

  Speaking to the media on this occasion, umamaheswara rao informed that we are following the decision taken by the leadership and that we will work together to make Chandrababu CM. He said that from now on, we will work as brothers in the constituency to overthrow the demon kingdom. Sarnala Tirupathi Rao, who contests on behalf of ycp, says that it will be difficult for two strong leaders to come together in this way. tirupati Rao was a follower of Vasanta krishna Prasad. It was krishna Prasade who defeated tirupati Rao as ZPTC when he was in YCP. But as part of the political developments, a competition has arisen between the Gurushishis. But here the talk is heard that tirupati Rao does not have enough power to withstand the attack of Vasantha krishna Prasad. Political analysts believe that the TDP's victory here is due to the fact that krishna Prasad and devineni uma have also met.

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