Jagan gave opportunities to women in large numbers..!?

-Jagan has given opportunities to women in large numbers.
-19 seats have been reserved for women.
-Jagan is ahead of all in ap in implementing social engineering.

AP cm jagan often talks about women. Also, he often makes political speeches about BCs, SCs, and STs. But jagan, like many leaders, does not just give promises and forget. Most of them are implemented. A direct example of this is the women candidates from that party in the assembly and Parliament. jagan has given opportunities to women in large numbers this time. That too many women belonging to sc, ST, and bc families who were very backward were placed in the legislative assembly. Compared to the 2019 elections, jagan has allocated more seats to 4 mla seats for women. During the 2019 elections, jagan gave 15 mla seats to women and this time increased the number by four more. This time 19 seats have been reserved for women. Also, in the mp positions, one more constituency has been given as compared to the past. jagan, who has given political power to many women from backward communities like Vidadala Rajani, has increased that number even more this time and proved that he is pro-women.
It can be said that jagan is ahead of all in ap in implementing social engineering. Not only that, celebrities like nara lokesh and pawan kalyan were also targeted as female candidates. vanga geetha was posted on Pawan Kalyan. It is remarkable that Murugadu Lavanya, who is contesting against nara lokesh, is a bc woman. When it comes to STs, Vishwasaraya Kalavathi in Palakonda and Dhanalakshmi in rampachodavaram have been given a chance. sc women Mekatoti Sucharita and Taneti women have been allowed to become home ministers together.

Jagan gave the opportunity to four women within the guntur Parliament alone. In Rayalaseema, Usashree Charan, who belongs to the Kuraba community, was given another chance. Kuruba, Roja in Nagari, Kripalakshmi in Gangadhara Nellore. If we say this, jagan who gave seats to a list of women is very long.

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