That girl is not a competition for me: ycp Senior..!?

- TDP's lakshmi beating YCP's Buchepalli in Darshi.
- She is no match for me.
- Results that are changing rapidly day by day.

Whether she has stepped into that constituency or not, the scene is reversed immediately. Unprecedented welcome to her. people started catching the Brahmaratha. Day by day the craze is growing exponentially. This is a situation where the senior is sweating to win that his expectations are wrong. That constituency is the Darshi of prakasam district. Those two leaders are tdp candidate Dr. Gottipati lakshmi and ycp candidate Buchepalli Sivaprasad Reddy.

In fact, it was Buchepalli Sivaprasad who sidelined ycp sitting mla Maddishetti Venugopal and took the seat by force. Moreover, Sivaprasad's mother Venkayamma is also the chairperson. Even with such strength, the political junior Gottipati, who is now contesting from tdp in Darshi, is struggling to win against him. When she was given a seat, the ycp along with Shiv prasad thought that it was a one-sided war in Darshi.

Now Lakshmi's speeches.. sharp words... The ranks of ycp along with Buchepalli are shocked to see the heat in the speeches. After lakshmi entered, there was no word of dissatisfaction in TDP. The strange thing is that along with the dissident factions of the ycp, the faction of the latest mla Maddishetty is also supporting Lakshmi. And all the classes are uniting against Buchepalli. mla Gottipati ravi is also a mirror of lakshmi Baba and is giving advice and suggestions to lakshmi in every way.

In addition to this, YCP's graph is going down day by day, and TDP's graph is increasing day by day in mandals like Mundlamur, which is close to addanki constituency, and Tallur, which is held by YCP. Darshi tdp now has a woman candidate in terms of social, economic, and physical strength, josh is not usual in tdp ranks. Being a woman is also a plus for lakshmi given the conditions in the constituency. However, even though lakshmi Gottipati in Darshi is new to politics, once she entered, she is indeed making noise for YSP. And we have to see what she will do in the results tomorrow.

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