Priyanka Chaturvedi cornered bjp before I.N.D.I.A rally…

'Ulgulan' i.e. agitation rally of the 'India' alliance is being organized in ranchi on sunday (April 21) at around 2 pm regarding the arrest of former jharkhand Chief minister hemant Soren. Many big leaders of the opposition will participate in this rally. Meanwhile, regarding the rally, shiv sena (UBT) mp Priyanka Chaturvedi targeted the bjp and said that we all will continue to fight against the dictatorship going on in the country.

On the joint rally of the 'India' alliance to be held today in ranchi, jharkhand, shiv sena (UBT) mp Priyanka Chaturvedi said 'We will fight against dictatorship. The way public representatives are elected, be it arvind kejriwal or hemant Soren, ED, CBI, ID have investigated them and put them in jail. Innocent people are being put in jail just because they are fighting against the dictatorship of the central government.

Attack on PM Modi

Further said that 'be it increasing dictatorship, increasing corruption, increasing unemployment, atrocities against women, all these issues will be big issues for us and we are taking them among the public. You must have seen the phase one elections, then from that you would have come to know that this is the last election of narendra modi while he is the Prime Minister. She said 'Those whom he called anti-Sanatan, those whom he called corrupt, all of them are now standing shoulder to shoulder with him in BJP. These have become vacuum cleaners. Wherever these people take the corrupt into their party and give them a clean chit.

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