Gajendra Singh Shekhawat spoke on many issues…

Union minister gajendra singh shekhawat is contesting the bjp seat from jodhpur Lok Sabha seat for the third time. He has been mp from jodhpur seat for 10 years. He is continuously roaming in the jodhpur area for the election campaign. Meanwhile, in a special conversation with ABP News, gajendra singh shekhawat said that every election is different in its perspective. Every time there are different topics. I am contesting the third election from jodhpur, here every time there have been different congress candidates. The Union minister said that development is the main issue of the elections. The security of the country, construction, and development of the country outweigh everything, the congress party is trying hard to break this narrative but the public knows everything. people believe that if Modi stays then the country can develop and all the issues are put before him.

‘There is no doubt about the formation of bjp government’

Gajendra Singh Shekhawat said that there is no doubt or question about the formation of the bjp government in the country. In the statement of the congress candidate, he said that they do not have a government in the corporation and they do not have a government in the state, what and how will they develop. The opportunity for development was with the congress Party, which was in government for 5 years. congress party did nothing. Be it the issue of employing the youth or infrastructure, there is not a single subject on which the congress party has fulfilled its promise.

Gajendra Singh Shekhawat also spoke about low voting

Regarding the Rajput factor in voting, Shekhawat said that I do not think that the vote of any particular community should be the basis of politics. The blessings of the society have been with me in 2 elections. There is still a resolve in the minds of people that if Modi is necessary for the future of the country, then everyone will vote together. On low turnout, gajendra singh shekhawat said that it is a matter of concern and consideration. This decline in voting should be accepted in some way. The system should work on this, the election commission should also consider this. All political parties should also work on this subject from their perspective.

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