Gajendra Singh Shekhawat spoke about the water problem…

Regarding the water problem, Union minister gajendra singh shekhawat said that when the prime minister launched the Jal jeevan Mission, 16% of the houses in the country had access to water. What did not happen in 72 years of independence has happened in the last 4 years. Implementation is the responsibility of the state government, rajasthan government has the highest budget of Rs 27000 crore. But even after that, the congress government of rajasthan had used only Rs 6000 crore.

Shekhawat said that ashok gehlot had a fear in his mind that if water reaches every house, then the respect for Modi will increase 1000 times and if this happens, then congress will never be able to come to power for the next 50 years. Therefore, they deliberately delayed the Jal jeevan Mission here, and rajasthan stood at the bottom position in it. He was punished for the political sins he committed. Now that a double-engine government has been formed, we will solve it.

‘Lord ram is not a subject of politics for us’

On the allegations of taking votes in the name of Lord ram, gajendra singh shekhawat said that Lord ram is not a subject of politics for us. Lord ram is not only the center of our faith but now it is a national subject. It was written in every manifesto of the bharatiya janata party that a temple should be built. If he opened fire on kar sevaks to stop ram, then that is not politics. If he talks imaginary things to serve his vote bank, then is this not politics?

The Union minister said that to maintain their vote bank, they reject the invitation for the ram temple, then it is not a matter of politics and when we build the ram temple, it is politics. When the pressure is on, the ram devotees of the congress party are roaming around wearing upside down 'Janeu' over kurta-pajama, they should answer for it. He said that Bharatiya Janata Party's lotus will bloom in jodhpur also and Bharatiya Janata Party's government will be formed.

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