PM Modi lashed out at congress in Jalore...

The electoral battle for the second phase continues in Rajasthan. Today on Sunday, prime minister Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting in Bhinmal, Jalore in support of bjp candidate Lumbaram Chaudhary. For the first time, there was a lot of enthusiasm among bjp workers due to the visit of prime minister Narendra Modi. In his address, PM Modi fiercely targeted Congress. He wanted to know the reason for the plight of Congress. He said that the congress, which ruled the country for 60 years, made women crave basic facilities like toilets, domestic gas, electricity-water, and bank account.

PM Modi lashed out at congress in Jalore

PM Modi said, "Congress has hollowed out the country by spreading the termite of nepotism and corruption. Today the country is punishing congress for its sins. The youth of the country do not want to see congress again. PM Modi said that the party which will win 400 seats The party is not able to contest elections even on 300 seats. He said that the people of the alliance are busy killing each other on 25 percent of the seats in the country.

He said, "The kite of the opportunistic Indie Alliance has been cut off before it could fly. There is an alliance, to say the least, but now look at the situation, in many states the alliance partners are fighting among themselves. He said that if so much fighting is going on before the elections, then after the elections, Can you imagine how much they will fight for the loot? Can we hand over such a big country to such people?"

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