PM Modi - I have come to ask for votes…?

In the public meeting, PM Modi said, "Vote for Lumbaram means a guarantee of strengthening Modi. Every vote of yours will increase the strength of Modi. Modi will get the strength to work at a faster pace. Developing the country and developing Rajasthan. It will be easier to do the work, it is not that today I have come to ask for votes for Lumbaram, congress never intended to get water. ."

He further said, "The biggest crisis of their lives should end. An example of this is the Salgaon Dam project. It was built 4 and half decades ago when congress was everywhere. But to date, the project has not been completed. At that time the dam would have been built. So it would have cost less than Rs 30 lakh. At present the cost of building the dam has reached Rs 250 crore.

PM Modi said, "Pandit Nehru had laid the foundation stone of the Sardar Sarovar Narmada Dam in Gujarat. Instead of completing it, congress kept it pending. After coming to power, Modi completed the Sardar Sarovar Dam. He said that the manmohan singh government was in power when he was the Chief Minister. I had to sit on a fast in front of the Sujalam Sufalam scheme. I am happy that today the water of Narmada has reached 1500 villages of Barmer and Jalore district." The prime minister said in his speech, "Ever since I started coming to rajasthan, there has not been a time when I have not heard about water. The candidate said that water is the priority. PM Modi said that in the first phase, Half of rajasthan has given equal punishment to them. rajasthan, full of patriotism, knows that the country can never make such a congress government.

PM Modi said, "The situation before 2014 should not return in the country. The weak congress government was threatened. No one even questioned the Prime Minister. The government used to be run by remote control. He said that your Sevak made it his mission to provide water to every farm and every house. For the first time in history, a program like Jal jeevan Mission has been provided to more than 11 crore new families in the country. "

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