'Water is reaching farmers' fields'- PM Modi…

PM Modi said that the foundation stone of the Narmada dam in gujarat was laid by Nehru Ji. I had also fasted while being the chief minister for the construction of that dam. You can guess that for so many years congress did not allow the construction of the dam, and the road has been stuck. I have inaugurated it, along with this we have made such a plan. Due to this water is also coming to Rajasthan. Let's see, water is reaching the fields of farmers in the Sanchore area.

'The kite has been cut before it can even fly'

Prime minister Narendra Modi while attacking congress said that the party which had once won 400 seats in the country. Now the same party is not able to contest elections on 300 seats. Today the condition of congress is such that no candidate can take the congress party ticket. congress party has formed an opportunistic Indi Alliance. Whose kite was cut before it could fly. There is an alliance, to say the least, but now look at the situation, in many states these alliance members are fighting among themselves.

Prime minister Narendra Modi said that 25% of the lok sabha seats in the country are like this. Where the people of this alliance are busy killing each other. Are contesting elections against each other. If there is so much fighting going on in the alliance before the elections? So how much more fight will be fought for the loot after the elections? Can imagine it. Can such a big country support such people?

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