The process of nominations is currently going on in Andhra Pradesh. It seems that the deadline for receiving nominations is up to 25th of this month. With this, it seems that janasena party chief pawan kalyan is preparing to file nomination in pithapuram on this day. At this time, ycp leader Sajjala made several important comments about tdp contesting from bjp Janasena. In particular, pawan kalyan also expressed doubts about contesting from Pithapuram.

Coming to the actual matter, Sajjala informed that tdp leader Chandrababu is planning to send his party leaders to other parties and keep them as per side plan. He informed that the same thing happened in bhimavaram Avanigadda.. Now the same thing is going to happen in Anaparthi too. Sajjala informed that Chandrababu is contesting his people by giving them seats just like they gave seats to Janasena. He explained that it is the desire of the people's leaders and people's soldiers that pawan kalyan should get the post of cm for at least two years.

However, as part of the alliance, initially 24 seats were given to Jana Sena but in the end it was limited to 21 seats. pawan kalyan said that he gave tickets to only 10 of them. He said that the remaining 12 people also gave preference to those who came from other parties. Sajjala made several important comments saying that if an agreement is reached with Babu, pawan kalyan may withdraw from the contest in pithapuram as well. He informed that pawan kalyan will drop out just because he wants to campaign in the entire state. Sajjala commented that Chandrababu's idea also seems to be thinking of having his hold on all the seats. That's why they also expressed their suspicion that varma will send you, except Pawan, in Pithapuram. If this happens, janasena leaders along with activists are making many comments saying pawan kalyan is Govinda.

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