BJP mp praveen Nishad sits on strike in the hospital...

The election campaign for lok sabha election 2024 and statements of leaders are continuing. Meanwhile, apart from verbal spats, the matter has reached the level of pushing and shoving. In UP, some people pushed Sanjay Nishad, a minister in the yogi government and head of the Nishad Party. Due to this, his nose also got injured and he had to be admitted to the hospital. The minister's mp son has staged a dharna in the hospital itself to protest against the ill-treatment meted out to his father.

Son sits on strike after scuffle with father

After the scuffle with Sanjay Nishad, his two sons also sat on strike. In the clash between two parties in Sant Kabir nagar, some people attacked yogi cabinet minister Sanjay Nishad. After this, he was admitted to the hospital where doctors confirmed the injury to his nose. After this, his son mp praveen Nishad sat on a dharna along with other MLAs and leaders of the party.

Accusations against Samajwadi party workers

Sanjay Nishad's son and mla praveen Nishad has accused Samajwadi party workers of pushing and shoving. RLD leader Rohit Agarwal and wrote that due to fear of defeat, Samajwadi party leaders and workers have now started fighting and violence. This kind of attack is extremely sad and condemnable. It is being told that Sanjay Nishad had gone to Sant Kabir nagar to attend a wedding program. During this time there was a dispute between the two parties. This time bjp has made praveen Nishad of Nishad its candidate from Sant Kabir Nagar. In 2019 also, he reached parliament by winning the elections from here. The party has once again shown confidence in him.

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