Elections are set to be held in andhra pradesh state on May 13, and candidates are moving forward by making nominations. Various political parties are actively running campaigns. This time, to face the ycp party, the bjp, tdp, and janasena parties are allying. It seems a manifesto is being prepared on behalf of the alliance. The tdp manifesto was finalized only a few days ago. Even though the "Super Six" promises were announced earlier, they did not gain much popularity.

It appears that the tdp manifesto was prepared at the same time. With proposals coming from the bjp and janasena parties, the coalition is planning to announce a joint manifesto after examining various issues. However, there are reports that Chandrababu has also announced some sensational promises:

1. Providing Rs. 20,000 as financial assistance to farmers every year.

2. Distributing three cylinders free to every household.

3. Providing TIDCO houses for free.

4. Promising to provide Pinchini at the price of Rs. 4,000 by visiting every house.

5. Ensuring the provision of houses to the poor.

Additionally, they emphasized that the future of the youth should be bright, which can be achieved if the alliance comes to power. They also pledged to create government jobs and to provide better medical care in government hospitals. Chandrababu also revealed that if everyone supports good people while voting, the people will be in good hands. tdp activists are eagerly waiting to see if there will be more schemes in the manifesto.

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