We all know that the Parliamentary elections are going to be held in telangana state in a few days. It seems that the bjp has put a special focus on telangana state in this election. assembly elections were held in telangana state last year. The people of telangana have been showing more interest in the bjp than the congress, but when it finally came, the bjp became dull because Sanjay Bandi, who led the party with full vigour until then, was a bit side lined.

The argument that congress came to power with is also strong among the people of Telangana. It seems that the bjp leadership is firmly fixed that the mistake made in the assembly elections should not be repeated in the Parliamentary elections. With this, it seems that the bjp leadership is going to work for around ten mp seats in telangana this time. It seems that all the central leaders who are already in the bjp are going to come to Telangana.

Recently, kishan reddy filed his nomination as the secunderabad bjp mp candidate, and Union minister Rajnath Singh participated in it. Also, Konda Vishweshwar reddy filed his nomination as the Chevelle bjp mp candidate, with Union minister Piyush Goyal and mp Laxman attending the program as chief guests. Boora Narsaiah Goud will file his nomination as the bhuvanagiri bjp mp candidate today. bjp Union minister Jai shankar will attend this event.

 Also, Union home minister amit shah will visit telangana in the next two days. As part of that, amit shah will attend a public meeting in siddipet under the medak Parliament. prime minister Modi and bjp National President Nadda will also visit telangana in the first week of May.

It is known that bjp state leaders are planning to organize as many bari Sabhas and bari road shows as possible with prime minister Modi, amit shah, and bjp National President JP Nadda. bjp central leaders will line up and come to Telangana. With this, it is clearly understood that the bjp leadership has put full focus on Telangana.

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