KTR has directed the party ranks for the upcoming parliament elections. Recently, he met with Siricilla town cluster-level activists. ktr took part in the Siricilla town cluster level meeting at Siricilla telangana Bhavan on monday and directed the party ranks on the parliamentary elections. In the results of the last assembly elections, the congress won many seats with a narrow majority margin. 

The congress party came to power with false promises, and within just one hundred days, there was a lot of opposition among the people. The BRS party has a very high chances of victory in the parliamentary elections. They say that if they don't vote for congress, they will remove the free bus. congress should take the fraudulent promises to the people. Bandi Sanjay, who has been an mp for five years, has done nothing for Karimnagar.

 Did he bring one school and one college in five years? Did he build a single temple? Did he bring any industry? Bandi Sanjay, who has not done anything, is not entitled to ask for votes. The prices of essential commodities have skyrocketed during Modi's ten-year rule. There should be a debate among people about why they should vote for the BJP, which has not done anything for telangana, and Bandi Sanjay, who has not done anything for Karimnagar. Several survey organizations say that BRS has a chance of winning 8 to 10 seats in the state.

 The victory of BR's candidate vinod kumar can further develop the karimnagar parliamentary constituency. KCR's roadshow will be held in Sirisilla on May 10 as part of the parliamentary election campaign. Every worker should come together and make it successful. Some leaders who have benefited from selfish interests are leaving the party. I stand by you who stood by me in difficult times. I will work hard for your victory in future local body elections.

 The congress leaders are pressuring the BRS leaders to join the party, and those who do not join the congress are harassed by filing illegal cases. ktr, at the Sirisilla town cluster level meeting, said that no one should be discouraged, and he would stand by everyone.

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