No one can match Balayya's mass Punches..!!

- balayya is the only mass leader.
-No one can match balayya in throwing mass punches at YCP.
-Nandamuri balakrishna will once again win from Hindupuram.

Generally, films and politics are different fields and Nandamuri balayya is at the forefront of people who have achieved success in these two fields. people of hindupuram say that balayya is the only person who remembers the name of a mass leader. There are many instances of balayya questioning the officials and spending his own money to solve the problems of hindupuram residents. At the same time, there is a talk that no one can match balayya in throwing mass punches at YCP. Generally speaking, dialogues in films against the ruling party are considered risky. But in Balayya's movies, many dialogues criticize jagan Sarkar's rule. Even his fans say that no one can match balayya when it comes to thinking for the good of the people.
 Fans feel that star hero Nandamuri balakrishna will reach the level of turning the wheel in state politics if he fully focuses on politics. There is no need to doubt that mla balayya is the only person in ap who has no corruption allegations. Generally, tollywood heroes are not interested in outdoor shootings. But balayya says that he likes outdoor shootings and says that if the shooting is done among people, the buzz will be on a different level. Fans are feeling that Nandamuri balakrishna will once again win from hindupuram and achieve a hat-trick. balayya, who is providing better medical services to the people through Basavatharakam cancer Hospital, immediately responds to anyone who needs medical help. Even though there are some criticisms of balayya, fans are commenting that those criticisms are like a spot on the moon. It is to be seen how much the majority of this mass leader will become mla in this election.

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