After the announcement of the alliance in Andhra Pradesh, the fans of these three parties were very happy. It's undeniable that telugu Desam, Janasena, and bjp, which have excellent recognition in the state of Andhra Pradesh, will enter the contest together.

However, problems started after that. The ycp party is clear about the distribution of seats as it is contesting alone. This party selected the candidates several days before, and they started strengthening the cadre there and campaigning vigorously. The alliance spent some time deciding which party should be given a seat in which region.

Finally, the leaders of these three parties came to a clarity on the matter and announced them. However, those who had been in the party for a long time and worked for the party did not get that seat, and the local leaders were angry. This is where the real story begins. In the end, with many concessions, the alliance cleared the problems of many constituencies, but the problem has not been resolved in three areas. As part of the alliance, the Vanaparthi seat was given to BJP.

Initially, everyone thought that the seat here would go to the bjp leader. But recently, the proposal that tdp leader Nallamilli should be included in the bjp came to the fore, which was met with objections. There is a demand from the bjp leaders and workers here that he should not be given the seat in this region. In Chittoor, tdp got a big shock. Former minister Amarnath's brothers Srinath reddy and Anisha reddy will wear ycp scarves in the presence of cm Jagan on the 25th of this month.

Party sources feel that the arrival of the Srinath reddy couple will hurt tdp in the punganur and Palamaneru constituencies. The gannavaram seat has been allotted to TDP. Korrapolu Srinivasa Rao filed his nomination as a bjp rebel candidate. He alleged that they are backstabbing the bjp leaders by saying that they are an nda alliance. That is why he has filed his nomination as a candidate for the gannavaram constituency. Thus, the alliance still faces many problems in these three areas.

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