Chintamaneni Prabhakar's Top craze among people..!!

- Recognized as an unwavering mass leader.
- MPTC to mla, chintamaneni is a well-known leader.
- This craze with his aggressive nature is a minus..!

To say more, there are many mass leaders on telugu soil in the state. No matter how many mass leaders there are, if Prabhakar's name is mentioned, not only the mass people of ap but also the mass people of telangana will get excited. chintamaneni is always in controversy but there is a maddened mass craze. Because it is a natural truth. No one can separate chintamaneni from that mass. They share in their pains and sufferings. Moreover, chintamaneni became an mp from MPTC and then became an mla twice and became the government whip. That's why he is having trouble at the ground level. Not only in the Dendulur constituency, tdp leaders also invite him to the party meetings and meetings held in west godavari and krishna districts.
Chintamaneni is not working only with his constituency. Wherever he goes in the state, there are fans of Chintamaneni. But the fact that he will move forward aggressively is becoming a minus for him. Most people who connect with mass people have this characteristic.

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