Former minister Gummanur jayaram is mostly referred to as the "Benz Minister" by tdp leaders. Now, they are making strenuous efforts to bring back such a minister. Leaders seem to have forgotten what jayaram did for the TDP. Alongside this, it appears that jayaram has also overlooked the criticisms from tdp leaders. Now, jayaram is contesting again as a tdp mla from Guntakallu. There are reports that this time he is sure to win the assembly seat.

Jayaram, who was given the kurnool MP ticket, stated that ycp leader jagan was not willing to be a victim of his conspiracy. Initially, everyone thought that jayaram would join the Congress, but it seems that he joined the tdp with the help of his brother Nagendra, who is a minister in Karnataka. Consequently, the Guntakallu ticket was allotted to Jayaram. However, the Guntakallu constituency has strong opposition within the telugu Desam Party. Regardless of this, jayaram is rallying everyone together and touring the constituency ahead of the election.

Especially, his brother's sons Narayanaswamy and Ishwar have also entered the field. Mandal-wise opposing leaders are suggested to work together for the party. Thus, in Guntakallu, the telugu desam party cadre is being united and steps are being taken towards victory. Particularly, former minister Jitendra Goud, who did not get a ticket there, is very unhappy.

 Prabhakar Chaudhary, another mla who did not get a seat in Anantapur Urban, also called Jitendra Goud and suggested that he should work for the party. If the party comes to power, Chandrababu Jitendra Goud has promised that he will be given a significant role in the party. It seems that Jitendra Goud is also assisting jayaram now.

In 2009, jayaram contested from the Aluru constituency from the PRP party and lost. Then he won in the 2014 and 2019 elections in the ycp party and also served as a minister. There is talk that Jayaram, who has served as a minister, will easily win in Guntakallu. Many leaders are saying that because of him, there is a positive impact on two other constituencies as well. It is noteworthy that jayaram first started his political career in the tdp as JDPTC.

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