Polling is going to be held on May 13 in Andhra Pradesh. With this, candidates are already making constituency-wise nominations. The 25th of this month seems to be the last date of nomination. Both ycp and tdp are fighting for victory in this election. This time elections will become crucial for both political leaders. jagan and Chandrababu are already talking about tsunamis, storms, earthquakes, and even war.

Besides, Chandrababu also announced the slogan that ycp should be defeated everywhere in the state. He said this in the Praja Galam Sabha held at Sringavarapu fort recently. Especially, the ycp party has also been severely criticized. jagan complained that there is no protection for women under the ycp regime and that there is no proper justice law in the state, calling him a psycho.

On the whole, Chandrababu criticized jagan in his speech and said that May 13 would be a storm. ycp leaders are also saying that May 13 will be a political storm. A strong counter is being laid. Chandrababu is trying to do self-hypnosis by telling the people what is in his mind in advance. They are saying that YSP should just go and he should come. They are saying that the people will decide who stands in the storm on May 13 and who will be washed away.

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