Bhati's taunt on the news of Khali's arrival…

Independent candidate ravindra Singh Bhati, while addressing a gathering, said that my young friends have heard that famous wrestler The Great Khali is coming here. He said that if bjp had worked for the public, they would not have needed to call Khali. Bhati said what difference is this going to make. I don't have Rs 15 lakh to give to Khali.

Regarding the news of Khali's campaign, ravindra Singh Bhati said that I would also tell everyone that you must go to see him, but on 26th april you have to vote thoughtfully. On the visit of film star Sunny Deol, Bhati said that those who uprooted the hand pump in Gadar are also going to come in a few days, they will come here and say that this is a 2.5 kg hand.

'...didn't do it, that's why we are entertaining you

Ravindra Singh Bhati asked how to tell them. The public's feet are heavy in front of your 2.5 kg hand. He said that I had heard that bollywood actress kangana ranaut was also coming. Bhati said what did the present mp do for Barmer in 5 years? There is nothing to account for it. That's why they are entertaining.

Ravindra Singh Bhati gave this challenge to Congress-BJP

Attacking bjp and Congress, ravindra Singh Bhati said that they made many serious allegations against him. A few days ago he said that I am a traitor. He said that if you prove that I am a traitor then I will leave politics. If you can't do it then leave politics. He said you have agencies, get me investigated.

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