Big accident averted in cm Bhajan Lal Sharma's road show…

A major accident was averted today at rajasthan cm Bhajan Lal Sharma's Bundi road show. The radiator of the car in which cm Bhajan Lal Sharma was doing a road show exploded with a loud bang. The car stopped due to the radiator burst and smoke started coming out from the bonnet. cm Security and other security personnel accompanying him on the spot immediately brought down the cm and called for another vehicle.

Meanwhile, cm Bhajanlal Sharma, deputy cm Diya Kumari, mp candidate om birla reached the meeting venue on foot. When there was a loud explosion in the CM's car, a stampede-like situation was created on the spot. The security personnel immediately took the car away and parked it where it was found that the radiator had burst due to overheating. Let us tell you here that deputy cm Diya Kumari and mp candidate om birla were also present in the car. It is being told that the jeep in which cm Bhajan Lal Sharma's road show was being conducted is privately used in the Bundi Forest Department for trekking for tourists. Being an open jeep, this jeep was used in the roadshow.

Why did the radiator explode?

If sources are to be believed, due to the intense heat, there was a shortage of water in the radiator and due to heating during the roadshow which lasted for about 1.5 to 2 kilometers, the chamber of the radiator burst and smoke started coming out from the bonnet. The good thing is that no major accident happened. But the question arises who was responsible for the security of the jeep that was included in the roadshow? However, when we tried to get information from the Bundi police administration on this matter, they appeared to be reluctant to read the matter.

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