PM Modi is reaching mp for the second time in 15 days!!!

Prime minister narendra Modi is visiting madhya pradesh on wednesday i.e. 24th April. During this period, prime minister narendra Modi will visit Sagar, Harda and the capital Bhopal. He will address election rallies in Sagar and Harda, while in the capital bhopal he will campaign in favor of the bjp in road shows. The administration along with bjp is making vigorous preparations for PM narendra Modi's road show to be held in Bhopal. 900 police personnel will rehearse for the security of PM Modi. Routes in bhopal will also remain diverted during rehearsals.

PM Modi is coming to mp for the second time in 15 days

After the implementation of the code of conduct for lok sabha elections, the prime minister is visiting madhya pradesh for the second time in 15 days. Earlier, prime minister Modi had come to jabalpur in the state on april 7, where he did a road show. Now the prime minister is going to do a road show in Bhopal. PM Modi's roadshow in bhopal will start in front of the Old assembly and will end near Apex bank Point via the Roshanpura intersection. A proposal to set up a stage to welcome PM Modi has been sent by the bjp to the PMO, which is yet to be approved. After approval, the number of welcome forums will be decided.

Police will rehearse today and tomorrow

Police will rehearse for prime minister narendra Modi's visit. 900 police personnel and officers will be present in the rehearsal. During this period the route will also be diverted. According to the information given by bhopal police, diversion arrangements for the road show from Mata Mandir to Roshanpura and from Roshanpura to Lily Talkies intersection will be in place from 2 pm to 7 pm. vehicles going from Mata Mandir to Roshanpura will be able to go from Mata Mandir to Polytechnic intersection via geetanjali intersection, Depot intersection, Smart City Road. vehicles coming from Rangmahal to Lily Talkies will be able to go towards Lily Talkies from Rangmahal via Palas Tiraha, KL Pradhan, Machli Ghar, Khatlapura, PHMU.

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