Incidents of arson are increasing in high-rise buildings?

Incidents of fire in high-rise buildings are continuously increasing in indore and in such a situation, everyone from the district administration to the police department and the fire department has to work hard to extinguish the fire in these big buildings. After continuous incidents of arson, the indore collector has taken a big decision and under this decision, the collector has issued an order. Let us know what is the order.

Recently, there was a fire in the rooftop restaurant of a tower located in front of C21 Mall of indore and after this fire, the fire personnel had to work very hard to extinguish it. Another reason is that there are many tall buildings in Indore. After a fire, there are no resources available to save it and often when a fire breaks out in buildings like this, it becomes very difficult for the fire team to handle it.

Guidelines have been issued

Similarly, recently there was a fire in the industry House building in Indore. This is also a very tall building in which the fire broke out on the top floor. After the fire, it could not be extinguished for a long time. However, the good thing in both these incidents was that There was no casualty, but to ensure that such incidents do not happen in the future, the indore collector has issued a guideline and NOC will be issued under this guideline, for this the collector has also fixed a time of one month.

Building owners have one month

There are more than 25 thousand buildings in the indore district which are more than 12.5 meters in height and require special fire safety measures. collector Ashish Singh has given one month to all these building owners and asked them to ensure fire safety arrangements in their buildings. collector Ashish Singh has said that in case the instructions are not followed after this period, action will be taken to seal these buildings. collector Ashish Singh said that a list of such business and commercial buildings in indore is ready where necessary equipment for fire fighting is to be installed.

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