Railways have given good news to the train passengers. Passengers can travel happily in summer.

Now railway passengers will get this facility for the first time in summer. Find out about the details. If you too are planning to go somewhere by train this summer, this news will make you happy. Considering the increase in travel demand on railways this summer, the railway ministry is going to increase the number of additional trains by 43 percent. This will help more passengers reach their destination. For the convenience of the passengers and considering the increase in travel demand during the summer season, the Ministry of Railways has announced that it will run a record 9,111 trains during the summer season. In a statement issued by the ministry in this regard, it has been said that this is sufficient in terms of number of trains compared to the summer season of 2023. 6,369 additional trains have been provided. In this way, the frequency of trains has increased to 2742, which proves the commitment of indian Railways to efficiently meet the demands of passengers. Additional trains have been planned to connect major destinations across the country for hassle-free travel on major railway lines, the Ministry of Railways said. A maximum of 1,878 trains out of 9,111 additional trains will be operated by Western Railway. After this, North Western Railway will run 1,623 additional trains. Whereas, South Central Railway will run 1,012 and east Central Railway 1,003 trains.

According to the Ministry of Railways, all the zonal railways across the country have requested to run additional trains during summer from tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra, Telangana, delhi and Jharkhand. , madhya pradesh and Rajasthan. Ready to conduct tours. The Ministry has taken this decision based on information received from Railway Helpline No. 139, details of shortlisted passengers waiting in PRS mode.

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