Chance of victory may be reversed..!?

There is looting going on between bjp and congress in telangana parliament seats. bjp, which started with 4 seats, reached 7 seats today. Along with 4 sitting seats, the BJP is also going to win Chevella and malkajgiri parliamentary seats. Moreover, it should not be surprising if he won in warangal, Zaheerabad, and mahabubnagar seats. BRS will be retained only amid tough competition. It seems difficult for congress to get 10 seats. Finally, the congress is facing tough competition from the bjp in the bhubaneswar and warangal seats as wellTen days ago, ycp made a remarkable comeback in the 25 parliamentary seats in ap, but now it seems that the alliance has come back to the edge. Although the ycp graph seems to be recovering, it appears to be swollen, but it is a situation where it has become strong. In addition to Seema, it is leading in Vijayanagar and nellore districts, but in visakha City, it is stronger compared to the past, but it is not possible to say how far it will bring the party to power. According to the calculations so far, the alliance seems to have the upper hand in the majority of the parliament seats.

In the ap assembly battle, the alliance is on the brink of power. Ten days ago, the momentum of the alliance had decreased a lot, but later it seems to be picking up a bit. For now, however, the alliance is close to power. ycp is in the scope of winning 60 seats for sure. As many as 30 constituencies are contested. There are also chances that the victory will be reversed depending on the verdict of the voters of these constituencies.

In ap, there is fierce competition in 30 constituencies. We are not able to accurately predict who will win here. In Anantapur, seats like Raftadu, Kalyanadurgam, and Anantapur, where the TDP was expected to win, and Dendulur also came in this list. Key seats like guntur West and Darshi are under intense competition.

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