What did sharad pawar say about campaigning? 

Preparations are in full swing for the lok sabha elections in Maharashtra. Meanwhile, ncp founder sharad pawar has spoken exclusively to ABP News. sharad pawar has given his reaction on Ajit Pawar, Baramati's seat and the family fight.

Sharad Pawar spoke on family fight

On the Pawar vs Pawar fight, sharad pawar said, "Everyone has the right to contest elections. If someone likes another ideology other than the line we were following, then it is the right given to him by democracy. There is no complaint about this." can do."

What did you say about the election campaign against your daughter-in-law?

On the election campaign against his daughter-in-law, sharad pawar said, "It is a simple matter, our ideology is against the ideology of BJP, whoever thinks of moving away from us and joining BJP, then it is his right. You tell me if I am against BJP." people don't like me contesting elections against the BJP, but some of our people have decided that now it is their right.

Statement given on uncle-nephew fight

A question was asked sharad pawar what is the curse on maharashtra due to which there is a quarrel between uncle and nephew? Be it raj Thackeray-Bal Thackeray, Gopinath Munde-Dhananjay Munde, or Ajit Pawar-Sharad Pawar, there is a fight between uncle and nephew. Responding to this, sharad pawar first laughed and then said, "I am not an astrologer. How can I explain why this happens? I move ahead with my work, my policies, and the friends who support me."

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