Sharad Pawar made this big claim to ABP News...

After the split in ncp in maharashtra, the ajit pawar faction and sharad pawar faction are facing each other in the electoral field in the lok sabha elections. On one hand, ajit pawar is seen giving competition to his uncle, while on the other hand, sharad pawar has also intensified his preparations. Meanwhile, in a special conversation with ABP News, sharad pawar has given a big statement on the speculations about allying with BJP. He has openly answered the allegations of sharad pawar joining the BJP, why ajit pawar left sharad pawar, and whether ajit pawar tried to convince his uncle Sharad Pawar.

Sharad Pawar speaks on allegations of joining BJP

Responding to this sharad pawar said, "Did we go with BJP? people talk. We took stock but we did not go."

Why did ajit pawar leave his uncle's hand?

NCP founder sharad pawar said, "Ask ajit pawar to answer this, prime minister Modi had accused many people a few days ago. Modi had said that ncp is a corrupt party."

Did ajit pawar try to convince you to join the BJP?

Former maharashtra CM sharad pawar said, "A year ago everyone had come and requested me to join the government. people were saying that they were accusing us and we could be put in jail. If the government If we go, we won't have to go to jail. Get rid of us."

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