Revanth reddy vs. Harish Rao's mutual challenges..!?

Challenges are taking place between revanth reddy and harish rao on loan waiver guarantee. revanth challenged the BRS if they would close the party if the loan waiver is implemented. revanth reddy said that 5 guarantees have been implemented in the telangana government in four monthsParticipated in an election campaign meeting in Kodangal. He said that the farmer's loan will be waived before August 15. On the day he took charge deficit budget in 5 months Rs. 3900 crore. He clarified that he has paid a debt of 26 thousand crores. He said that if the rtc company was in losses, they would have supported it. cm revanth reddy challenged harish rao whether he would dissolve the BRS party if he waived off the loan before August 15. As a witness, we will waive the loan of Rs. 2 lakhs by the fifteenth of August

People have a hundred reasons why they should defeat Congress which came to power on the foundations of lies. congress should be defeated for breaking its word on farmer loan waiver, for breaking its word on farmer assurance, for breaking its word on Rs.500 bonus, for breaking its word on Asara pensions, for not providing Rs.2,500 assistance to women. Why not legalize the six guarantees? Will farmers' crop loans be waived before August 15? Are you ready to resign from the post of cm if the loan is not waived off?', former minister harish rao challenged cm Revanth.  Will he waive the loan before August 15? They complained. He told the cm that it is not appropriate to do politics by obstructing the gods. He said that he became the chief minister of telangana state because of the blessings of the kodangal people. He said that he won with a majority of 33,000 votes. However, the people of Kodangal said that they saw him in their hearts. He said that he is not confined to a farmhouse like kcr and is working hard for 18 hours a day. He said that he did not come for the assembly election campaign but he came 5 times for the parliament election campaign. BJP-BRS parties are conspiring. He said that a lot of injustice has been done to palamuru in 70 years. He said that there is no progress on the Krishna-Vikarabad railway line. cm revanth reddy reminded that funds of 5 thousand crore rupees have been brought to kodangal within 100 days of assuming power. He said that the Maktal-Narayanpet-Kodangal lift scheme has been brought with 4 thousand crores of rupees. This will give water to 1 lakh 30 thousand acres. It was DK Aruna who blocked the waters of Krishna.

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