YS sharmila slams PM Modi over controversial comments..!?

YS sharmila addressed an open meeting organized by the ap congress party in the bapatla constituency. She criticized prime minister Modi and ap cm Jagan. APCC chief YS sharmila said that Modi is repeatedly spewing poison on Congress. sharmila denied how many mangalsutras Modi had cut. Modi is repeatedly creating a wedge between religions. Can a person at the level of the prime minister increase hatred like this? She asked. sharmila accused him of creating Godhra riots and breaking many Mangal Sutras when he was the Chief Minister. He said that even when he was the prime minister, Modi broke many Mangal Sutras with the Manipur incident. YS sharmila addressed the public meeting organized in the bapatla constituency. Rahul Gandhi speaks words of love. Modi is talking about different religions. If the prime minister dares, he should tell about the progress made. You are speaking in a way that insults Muslims. It's time to tell you the truth. Babu and jagan are walking hand in hand with the bjp, which creates a wedge between religions. bjp is very dangerous for this country.

It is impossible to say which is our capital. Special status is our right. Status is the breath of our state. If the status had come, the state would have developed a lot in 10 years. In 10 years, not a single mp has fought for the status. Babu and jagan have no sincerity about the status. If the bjp cheated that they would give status, at least they did not stop. Development of the state has been sidelined. The Nallamada River overflows every year in these basins. Millions of acres of crops will be damaged. ysr wanted to modernize. As YSR's heir, jagan did not care about this canal.

Jagan is not YSR's successor. They cheated that 2.25 lakh jobs. He pretended to be Mega DSC and put DSC. He lived by building forts for 5 years. People's problems are heard. It has not been developed but now it is said to be ready for elections. To uphold YSR's ambitions means to make the farmer a king. Houses should be built for every poor family without houses. Jobs should be given. They will be the successors of YSR. YS sharmila said that the development of the state will happen only with the Congress.

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