China would keep investing despite the ongoing trade spat...

Many analysts think that China's attraction to mexico is not happening in this same way. According to Juan Carlos, a former deputy minister of foreign trade, investment in mexico is expected to persist because the trade spat between china and the united states is not likely to end. Currently, Mexico rather than America is China's top trading partner. Additionally, US businesses are establishing factories in Mexico. Elon Musk has also declared the opening of Tesla's new Giga Factory for the previous year. His $10 billion facility for electric cars has not yet been started.

Mexico might become involved with America and China

Experts predict that Mexico will become embroiled in the developing geopolitical dispute between the united states and China. There are elections in both America and mexico, according to Enrique Dussel of the National Autonomous University's Center for China-Mexico Studies. There may now be new political circumstances. There is virtually little room for progress in the US-China relationship, regardless of trump or Biden's election. After a few days, ties between mexico and the united states will not be favorable due to China's investment, so mexico will need to be careful not to get caught in the middle. Not if this trend will continue or not, but rather how long can we profit from it is the question. 

It is unlikely that an American family purchasing this furniture from their local Walmart would be aware that it is manufactured in China. 'Nearshoring' might be defined as an attempt to sneak into the American market.

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