Yogi claims congress wants to implement Sharia law...

Days after prime minister Narendra Modi claimed the congress had vowed to allocate people's property to the Muslim minority, yogi adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and a prominent figure in the bjp, stated on tuesday that the party wanted to impose Sharia law nationwide. The top bjp campaigner and chief minister of Uttar Pradesh said that the congress had included the pledge in its manifesto for the lok sabha elections. "The congress and its supporters have once again come before you with their fake manifesto, having betrayed the nation. At a rally in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh chief minister yogi adityanath declared, "If you look at the Congress' manifesto, they say that if they form a government, we will implement Sharia law."

"You tell me, will the nation be governed by the laws made by baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar or by Shariat?" he said. Yogi Adityanath elaborated on his statement, stating that the congress has pledged to enact personal laws—that is, Sharia law—in its electoral manifesto. He claimed that because prime minister Narendra Modi outlawed triple talaq, the Muslim law would be put into effect. "They claim that personal law will be reinstated. These individuals will put Sharia law into effect," he continued. Additionally, he restated PM Modi's assertion that the bjp has pledged to seize and disperse people's belongings. "Do you want to let the congress and Samajwadi party steal your property?" he continued.

Yogi Adityanath on the UP mafia

"Take a look at these despicable people's state. yogi adityanath remarked, "On the one hand, they are invading your land, and on the other, they are making the mafia and criminals their necklace and reciting Fatiha in their name." yogi adityanath referred to the 2006 statement made by former prime minister Manmohan Singh asserting that Muslims had the primary claim to the nation's resources, questioning the fate of marginalized groups such as farmers, Kharagvanshis, Dalits, backward classes, and the impoverished.

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