Mumtaz Patel's target on BJP's unopposed victory in Surat?

Bharatiya Janata party candidate mukesh Dalal is in the headlines after he was declared elected unopposed from surat parliamentary seat in Gujarat. This is being said to be the first victory of gujarat for the BJP. On the other hand, mumtaz patel, daughter of senior congress leader ahmed Patel, has targeted the official announcement of his victory.

Mumtaz says that NOTA is also one of the many voting options. How was mukesh Dalal declared elected unopposed during its existence?

Mumtaz patel has written in X Post, "What is the purpose of NOTA in EVM? It should not be there..., but a bjp candidate from the surat Lok Sabha of gujarat was declared elected without holding elections. When did the election commission As per the rules, what is the hurry? Even if all other candidates withdraw from the election, the option of NOTA is still available on which the voter can vote.

BSP candidate withdrew his nomination last.

Actually, the nomination of congress candidate Nilesh Kumbhani from the surat parliamentary seat was canceled on Monday. After Kumbhani's candidature ended, the electoral equations changed in Surat. One after the other all the candidates withdrew their nominations. Bahujan Samaj party candidate Pyare Lal Bharti was the last to withdraw his nomination.

Mukesh Dalal is close to gujarat bjp President

In gujarat politics, mukesh Dalal is considered close and trusted by bjp state chief CR Patil. mukesh Dalal has become the first mp in the history of surat to be elected unopposed. Let us tell you that voting will be held for all the seats in gujarat on May 7, 2024.

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