The president of kakinada Saraswati Peetham, Prakranananda Swamy, is very persistent to contest for the seat of hindupuram Parliament. There is no real step back anywhere.. The news is that the ycp will definitely benefit from this. It seems that Prakranananda Swami is trying to dampen the hopes of the alliance. Currently in BJP, he is hoping for hindupuram MP ticket. But the ticket was not given there. Here tdp stands.

Ambika Lakshminarayana is the candidate from TDP. She is a candidate from Boya community. Since the percentage of votes was high there, Chandrababu did the calculations and nominated him here. And ycp also gave a ticket to Joladarashi Santa who has roots in karnataka with a new experiment. So far it was going well, but now the real problem has come. Since the ticket was not given to the BJP, the leaders are also being warned that Prakranananda Swamy will contest as an independent candidate.

Moreover, he has been in Hindupur for three years and continues to reach out to the people. It seems that even though Chandrababu called him and talked to him for two days, he did not calm down. For the competition, Prakranananda Swami kept saying "Sai". This will definitely become very embarrassing for the tdp party.. All this is not the case when the battle between Babu and Swamy is going on, they are planning to win the ycp leader Santana here with the help of Gali Janardhan Reddy. Especially since she is his relative, it seems that he is taking measures to win. As a result, the air between Babu and Swamy changed to Janardhan Reddy.

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