Tadikonda is one of the most important constituencies in Andhra Pradesh. The main reason for the craze of this constituency is that most of the capital amaravati is in this constituency. As most of the territory of amaravati lies within this constituency, many government offices have already been built here. In spite of declaring amaravati as the capital during Chandrababu's regime and taking up development works of many offices in this area, undavalli Sridevi, who was the candidate of ycp party in this area, won exceptionally in the 2019 assembly elections.

And after that due to some developments undavalli Sridevi was suspended from the party. Now there is no mla for this constituency. She has been an mla for a long time and has many people around her. Since she was recently suspended, there is no one around her. And when amaravati was declared as the capital during Chandrababu's reign, many people belonging to this constituency gave lands to them. After that jagan did a little injustice to amaravati by saying that there are three capitals in the name of development and all the people there followed the path of TDP.

Leaders who have been around ycp for a long time now are also around TDP. Both jagan and Chandrababu took this election seriously. If jagan wants to win here and prove that there is no sentiment for amaravati capital among the people, Chandrababu is trying to prove that there is a feeling among the people that they want the development of amaravati and they do not want three capitals. From here, tenali Shravan Kumar is contesting from tdp, while Sucharita is contesting from YCP. As the people are strongly against ycp in this region, Sucharita does not have a large cadre to support her. On the other hand, tdp has a strong cadre, so people here are hopeful that tdp will move ahead in full force in this region.

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