Severe heat waves will prevail in these states for the next 5 days. indian Meteorological Center warns.

The indian Meteorological Center has warned that heat waves will continue across india in the next five days.

Summer heat is coming in various places in the country. Due to the increasing impact of petroleum products day by day, people are unable to cope with the impact of petroleum products. In this situation, the indian Meteorological Center has predicted that the heat wave will continue across eastern india in the next five days. At the beginning of this week, the maximum temperature rose to 42-45 degrees Celsius. Temperatures up to 40-42 degrees Celsius were recorded in some parts of the states of West bengal, Georgia, Chhattisgarh, Tenamaru Madhipparatham, Thelmama, and Sadalor Athir Paratisham. Moreover, the temperature in many parts of bihar, east madhya pradesh, tamil Nadu, puducherry Karai Ko, and east Uttar Pradesh has crossed 40 degrees Celsius, the indian Meteorological Center said. How will be the weather during the second phase of voting: indian Meteorological Center prediction!

It is said that in the coming days, the temperature in West bengal will be 4-6 degrees Celsius higher than normal. bihar, Odisha, Odisha, Sub-Sub-Himalayan West, sikkim, sikkim Andhra Pradesh, Rayalaseema, tamil Nadu, puducherry, Karaikal, Chhattisgarh, South-South South, madhya pradesh and, telangana are also said to be the first. Severe heat wave conditions are expected at isolated places in West bengal over the next five days, while heat wave conditions are expected at isolated places over interior Karnataka, Rajasthan, east and West Uttar Pradesh, bihar, West bengal and Georgia. Coastal Coastal Region, Enam, Rayalaseema, tamil Nadu, puducherry, Karaikal, Coastal Karnataka, Konkan, Goa, Kerala, Mahe, Sub Sub West West, bengal bihar and various heat waves may occur.

Similarly, there is expected to be no significant change in the maximum temperature in gujarat for the next three days, which is expected to rise by 2-4 degrees Celsius. Other parts of the country are likely to record stable maximum temperatures without significant fluctuations.

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