On Wednesday, Congressman rahul gandhi reversed his statement about conducting a "wealth survey" and stated that his goal was to ascertain the extent of unfairness that the nation was experiencing. "I haven't yet stated that we would act. Speaking at the party's 'Social Justice Conference' at jawahar Bhawan in Delhi, rahul gandhi remarked, 'I am simply saying let's find out how much injustice has been done."
"Observe prime minister Narendra Modi's response when I suggested we measure the extent of injustice." They claim that this is an effort to divide the nation. We shall learn about the issue through the X-ray (wealth survey)," stated the former head of Congress.

Rahul gandhi remarked, "Those who call themselves 'deshbakt' are scared of the 'X-ray' of caste census" and added that it cannot be stopped by force.
Gandhi said that he has made it his life's work to provide justice for the 90% of the people that has been the target of injustice.
Ninety percent of indians are the victims of injustice. rahul gandhi said, "The prime minister and the bjp started attacking me the moment I called for checking this injustice."
Gandhi declared, "The first thing that would be done as soon as our government is formed is caste census."

On april 7, rahul gandhi declared that the congress party will carry out an institutional and financial study to determine the country's wealth distribution if elected to power.
Speaking at a public gathering in hyderabad subsequent to the release of the congress platform, rahul gandhi said that the survey will take place independently of the countrywide caste census that the party has pledged to carry out if it is elected to power.
Speaking on the opening of the ram Mandir, the former head of the congress further claimed, "Not a single tribal person or Dalit was seen at the temple, or during the inauguration of the new parliament building." Ninety percent of people are aware of this."

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