The election frenzy has gripped andhra pradesh since the announcement of the elections. Various opposition parties have launched their campaigns, each following its strategy. However, confusion has surfaced regarding seat distribution among the telugu desam party (TDP), janasena, and the bharatiya janata party (BJP), which have allied.

A recent incident in the kakinada district concerning the selection of the mp candidate has highlighted this confusion. Pawan Kalyan, leader of janasena, nominated Tangella uday srinivas, a close associate, as the kakinada mp candidate. However, sources indicate that this decision has caused significant headaches for Pawan.

Initially, Srinivas was entrusted with overseeing the janasena pithapuram assembly constituency, and managing party events, including the Varahi yatra in the east godavari district. When pawan kalyan decided to contest from Pithapuram himself, srinivas was announced as the kakinada mp candidate, reportedly causing distress to Srinivas.

There are murmurs in pithapuram that decisions are being influenced by chandrababu naidu, suggesting that Pawan's authority in the region may be limited. This incident involving uday srinivas has exposed new political dynamics, with tensions rising among janasena activists who are unable to accept the decision.

TDP leaders and candidates have criticized the choice of srinivas, questioning his lack of familiarity with the electorate. Analysts speculate that chandrababu naidu may be orchestrating these political manoeuvres. In the kakinada Parliamentary Constituency, where janasena is contesting from pithapuram and kakinada Rural, tdp MLA candidates are reportedly urging for Srinivas to be replaced.

Efforts are underway within the tdp to replace srinivas with sympathizer sana Satish, a move that has not sat well with Pawan Kalyan. The situation reflects the complexity and tensions within the alliance as the election campaign intensifies.

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