Modi will incite religious sentiment due to fear of failure. The election commission will not listen to hate speech

Fearing public anger against his failures, prime minister stalin criticized Modi for inciting religious sentiments and trying to avoid the defeat he was facing through hate speech. stalin accused the election commission of ignoring Modi's hate speech.

Muslims have more children

The parliamentary election campaign is going on in full swing. Speaking during the campaign in Rajasthan, prime minister Modi said in the congress regime that Muslims are the first authority on the country's property. Muslims have more children. Thus the property of Hindus is lost. He had controversially said that the congress was thinking of taking money from Hindus and giving it to Muslim women. The speech sparked protests across the country. A complaint was also lodged with the election commission on behalf of the congress party. In this regard, chief minister stalin posted on social media, that stalin accused the election commission of ignoring Modi's hate speech.

The election commission did not listen

Prime minister Narendra Modi's toxic speech is despicable and very sad. Afraid of people's anger against his failures, Modi is trying to avoid the defeat he is facing by inciting religious sentiments and using hate speech. Hatred and discrimination are Modi's original guaranties. The election commission, which seems to have paid no heed to his blatant hate speech, has abandoned the practice without a trace of neutrality. The Socio-Economic Census promised by the india Alliance has long been emphasized as a means of building an egalitarian society.

BJP's diversionary tactics

Prime minister Modi is teaching it the wrong meaning and denying the backward classes their due share in education, employment, and power. All-India leaders should be wary of BJP's insidious diversionary tactics. stalin has said that we must be more determined in our efforts to expose Modi's worst failures.

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