Kodanadu murder case. All 10 Accused Absent For Trial - CBCID Shock

While the investigation of the Koda Nadu murder and robbery case has been going on for the last 7 years, the CBCID police were shocked that all the 10 accused criminals did not appear in the trial held in the Utagai court today.

Kodanadu robbery incident

Jayalalitha, who was the chief minister of tamil Nadu, passed away in 2016 due to ill health. After this, there was a conflict between the AIADMK to seize the ruling power. Due to this, AIADMK split into 4 factions namely OPS-Sasikala-Edappadi Palaniswami-DTV Dhinakaran. Meanwhile, the bungalow belonging to the late chief minister Jayalalithaa is located in Koda Nad in the Nilgiris district. In 2017, miscreants tried to rob this bungalow. The guard who tried to stop it was killed. While this incident created a stir across the country, the accused involved in the case died mysteriously one after the other.

Who inspired the robbery?

Following this, the police arrested 10 people including Sayan, Manoj, Jamsir Ali, and Deepu who were involved in the case. Who instigated this robbery? The question arose as to why the Kodu Nadu bungalow should be robbed. After this, the investigation of the case was conducted by the special police, but after the change of government, the investigation was transferred to the CBCID. The CBCID police continued to interrogate those involved in the case. In this situation, the trial of this case is going on in the Utg Integrated Court.

 The accused did not appear

When the trial came up today, none of the 10 accused including Sayan, Manoj, Jamsir Ali, Deepu, Bijin, Jitin Joy, and Satheesan were present in the Koda Nadu murder and robbery case. At the same time, the police led by CBCID ADSP Murugavel, the investigating officer, appeared on the government side. As no one appeared on behalf of the accused, the judge adjourned the hearing to the 29th.

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