There are many local leaders associated with the janasena party in Pithapuram. But the janasena factions are angry with Pawan for handing over the responsibilities of a particular section. They are also getting fired up that Verma's demand is increasing. Pawan Kalyan's testimony to Janasiniks is like God's word. 

They believe that no one can stop Pawan Kalyan's victory. pawan kalyan often praises Varma's sacrifice, but his followers are annoyed. Now it is in Verma's hands to put them in the way and get votes in support of the Jana Sena party. His followers strongly believed that Verma would stand and become an mla this time. But politics took a different direction with the alliance. On the other hand, while praising Verma, it is known that the janasena party is trying to do a door-to-door campaign.

Pawan's campaign is playing a major role on behalf of the janasena party. He is coordinating the whole thing. But it is said that no one else knows the entire politics of pithapuram as Verma does. And if the Jana Sena party wins, the angle of Verma's gain or loss is also shaping up. If pawan kalyan wins and the janasena TDP alliance comes to power, Pawan will become a minister.

Moreover, pawan kalyan says that he will set up his residence here and make pithapuram his constituency. With this, if pawan kalyan wins, it will be a difficult time for Verma. It is said that Verma, who shone in pithapuram as an uncrowned maharaja in TDP, should now think about his politics after winning over Pawan Kalyan.

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