As the elections are approaching, interesting things are coming to the fore. In this order, an old video related to tollywood star hero Young tiger Junior NTR's uncle narne srinivasa rao has become very viral. Recently, a video has come to light in which sensational comments were made on CBN. srinivas commented that chandrababu naidu was not a trustworthy person from the beginning. He cheated on his brother.

Narne Srinivasa Rao, who said that his younger brother was not given a ticket, said his condition got deteriorated. chandrababu naidu is tying his younger brother with chains and ropes. srinivas made it clear in that video that if Chandrababu has courage, he should bring his younger brother in front of the public. He was even angry that chandrababu naidu was winning the election by juggling and rigging the elections. At the same time, he made sensational comments that Chandrababu never could win on his own and that he needed support.

In this order, narne srinivas made it clear that the people should decide how Chandrababu, who did not see his sister in a worse situation, would benefit the state's people. Currently, ycp ranks are using this viral video for their promotions. They are making it viral by sharing it through their social media handles. You could see that tweet and video above.

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