The elections in the current state of andhra pradesh are going on smoothly. In this, a major contest between the tdp alliance and the ycp emerged. It is expected that only one of these two parties will win the constituency. But exceptionally the congress party also came to the fight. There is a leader in the ring who not only comes to the screen, but also gives a tough time to the opponents. He is none other than Amanchi Krishnamohan. Amanchi Krishnamohan, who made his political debut as a disciple of Konjeti Rosaya, is going to contest from the Cheerala congress Party this time. Let's see how their winning streak is going to be..

Amanchi Krishnamohan contested from congress in 2009 and won. After that, he contested as an independent in the 2014 elections and won. Then in 2019, he contested through ycp party and lost to tdp candidate Karanam Balaramakrishna. Since then he has been staying in the constituency. But YS Jaganmohan reddy sent him as the in-charge of Parchur constituency. But in the end even that ticket was not given to him and he rebelled. He arranged meetings with his old cadre congress leaders and took the congress under the leadership of Sharmila. At the same time a fierce rivalry arose between the Karanam class and the Amanchi.

Amanchi Krishnamohan from congress, Malakondaiah Yadav from tdp and karanam venkatesh from ycp are contesting, so it can be said that there is a three-way fight in Chiras. But Amanchi is a man who knows nuclear power in his constituency. Besides, he also has the experience of winning many times. But in this constituency people are given priority rather than parties. Political analysts say that Amanchi Krishnamohan, who is very popular at this time, is sure to win this time.

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