Election: Excitement in rahul Gandhi's constituency!! No one should vote.Maoist threat with a gun

As the second phase of voting for the parliamentary elections is going to be held the day after tomorrow, the Maoists met the public in the wayanad constituency and demanded to boycott of the election.

Second phase of polling

Elections to elect the next prime minister of india are underway across the country. elections were held last week on april 19 for 102 constituencies in 21 states including tamil Nadu in a total of 7 phases. Following this, the second phase of the election will be held on the 26th in 89 constituencies in 12 states including karnataka and Kerala. After this, the election commission has intensified the security arrangements for the election. The additional police force has been deployed for security. In this situation, senior congress leader rahul gandhi is contesting from the wayanad constituency in kerala state. Similarly, Annie Raja, wife of party OF INDIA' target='_blank' title='communist party of india-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>communist party of india National Secretary T Raja, is also in the field.

Maoist in wayanad constituency

The Maoists met the public in the tea-affected areas of wayanad Constituency which is Star Constituency this morning. A group of about 4 people came with guns. The public has been asked not to vote in the elections. Central and state governments have said that no basic facilities and programs have been implemented for the people. So don't vote in elections. They said to ignore the election and left. As this video of the party is now going viral on social media, extra security has been arranged in the area where the Maoists come and go. The police are also investigating the identity of the gun-toting figure in the video.

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