Nainar Nagendran: Whose Rs 4 Crore? Nayanar's relative's statement was released in the police investigation.. bjp shock

Nayanar Nagendran's cousin Murugan has stated the 4 crore rupees seized at the tambaram railway station. He was asked more than 50 questions. Parliamentary elections in tamil Nadu were held on 19th and ended. Nayanar Nagendran, the current legislator from the Nellai constituency contested this election on behalf of the BJP. In this situation, two weeks ago, the money was seized in a raid conducted by flying soldiers at the tambaram railway station. It was reported that this money was for Nella candidate Nayanar Nagendran's election expenses and distribution of money to voters. Following this, the tambaram police summoned Nayanar Nagendran to appear in person and give an explanation regarding this money. But he had asked for 10 days time to appear for the hearing. In this situation, yesterday morning, both Aasithambi and jaishankar, who work in Nayanar Nagendran's relative company, appeared in person for police investigation.

Money belonging to bjp candidate

Following this, Nayanar Nagendran's relative Murugan appeared in person at the tambaram police station and gave his statement in writing. In it, Assistant Commissioner of police Nelson and Inspector bala Murali Sundaram were present. Then more than 50 questions were asked to Murugan. Then whose money is Rs 4 crore and where is it being taken? Relationship with Nayanar Nagendran.? For whom the money was transported. Many questions were asked including why they sent their employees.

Affidavit of Nayanar Nagendran's relative

After being asked by Nayanar Nagendran's assistant, Murugan gave a written statement that he had sent both Aasi Thambi and jaishankar but he did not know anything about the money. Meanwhile, it has been reported that the police have decided to summon Nayanar Nagendran for the second time.

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