Tamilnadu farmers climbed the cell phone tower and tried to commit suicide. Stirring in Delhi.

While the farmers are protesting for various demands in delhi today, there was a stir when they protested by climbing the cell phone tower.The farmers of tamil Nadu started a sit-in at Jantar Mantar in delhi yesterday, demanding various demands including that the central government should provide remunerative prices for agricultural produce. More than 200 farmers, including women, have participated in this protest, which is being led by Ayyakannu, president of the National South indian Rivers Linking Agriculture Association. Farmers are protesting demanding that the central government should double the price of agricultural products, waive off all farmers' loans, implement the Cauvery-Godavari linking project, and abandon the karnataka government's decision to build a dam in Meghdatu. The farmers have planned to hold this protest for a week till april 30. In this situation, this morning, suddenly some farmers climbed the cell phone tower and staged a protest. Some women also tried to commit suicide by climbing the tree. Immediately, the tamilnadu farmers who climbed the tower and the tree were forcibly brought down by paramilitary forces with the help of a crane. Speaking about this, a farmer said, "We have demanded to double the price of agricultural products, to give a pension of Rs. 5000 to the farmers, and to connect the rivers." And if the central government does not fulfill their demands, 1000 people are going to contest against prime minister Modi in the varanasi constituency in the ongoing lok sabha elections. They have also said that they will campaign against prime minister Modi. As the farmers of tamil Nadu have taken up the protest in various ways, the paramilitary forces have been mobilized at the Jantar Mantar in delhi and have been engaged in intensive surveillance.

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