The bank details are not mentioned... but the account will decrease by Rs.4 lakh! Can fraud happen like this?

Rajput Bastaved never shared OTP or net banking details with anyone. Do not click on any suspicious links. However, fraudsters have siphoned off Rs.3.95 lakhs in his account. A resident of Gujarat's Dholka has not shared his bank details with anyone. Don't click on any of the links the scammers send. However, he has lost Rs 3.95 lakh from his account. bhushan Rajput, 53, lives in Parkview Society on Science City Road. He is the Vice President of a reputed pharmaceutical company. Podakdev has complained to the police about Rs 4 lakh being lost from his account. According to his complaint, on april 8, he received a message from an unidentified person saying that he had received a reward of Rs 8,400 from sbi Net Banking. The message also stated that april 8 is the deadline to claim the reward amount. Rajput did not click on the link in the message. At 4.53 pm that evening, he received another message from an unknown number. It stated that Rs.24,500 was deducted from his bank account. Seeing that, Rajput immediately called the bank manager and told the details. The manager checked his account and said that there were no transactions in the account. However, Rajput blocked his account for security. On april 12, Rajput went to the bank and inquired. They said that even then no transaction was recorded in his account. So, he checked his savings account. It is confirmed that no transaction has taken place in it. However, there was a shortfall of Rs 3.95 lakh in his home loan account. Rajput immediately complained with the police. In his complaint, Rajput has adamantly stated that he did not share his Postcode, OTP, or Net banking details with anyone and did not click on any suspicious link. However, fraudsters have siphoned off Rs.3.95 lakhs in his account. The Podakdev police have registered a case under the IPC and the Information technology Act and are investigating in this regard.

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