Jairam Thakur is writhing like a fish without power...

There are lok sabha elections in himachal pradesh in the seventh and last phase. There are by-elections in six assembly constituencies along with four lok sabha seats in Himachal Pradesh. Before this, a series of attacks and counter-attacks were seen between the leaders of congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party. Now Revenue minister Jagat Singh Negi in the himachal pradesh government has targeted BJP. Revenue minister Jagat Singh Negi has said that BJP's conspiracy to create a political crisis in himachal pradesh has completely failed and now bjp leaders are in a panic.

Jairam Negi is struggling like a fish without power

The Revenue minister said that the people of himachal pradesh are the strength of the congress government. bjp will have money and power, but congress has manpower and with the help of this, the present state government under the leadership of chief minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu will complete its five-year tenure. Not only this, in the year 2027, living up to the trust of the people, the congress Party will form the government again. He said that Jairam Thakur is struggling like a fish without power and is not able to digest the mandate received in the year 2022. The work that could not be done by public votes, bjp has tried to do with money and power, but this attempt has now failed. He said that the leader of the Opposition should fasten his seat belt properly because now he would have to sit on this chair for a long time. Jagat Singh Negi said that the people of the state do not believe in salable politics but in sustainable politics.

'BJP tried to topple the elected government'

Jagat Singh Negi said that the bjp made transactions worth billions of rupees to topple an elected government. bjp did horse-trading of MLAs, but BJP's intention could not be fulfilled. Jagat Singh Negi said that congress had 40 MLAs and three independent MLAs were also with the state government. Then what magic wand did bjp have that apart from three independent MLAs, six congress MLAs joined BJP?

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